Alien in Nalgonda District : Visuals

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5 Responses to “Alien in Nalgonda District : Visuals”
  1. Sginifri says:

    Non sense – educate the people there ….
    What research they want to do there – trash … what is grahanthar vasi ???
    – what happened to hetuvadulu – sleeping !!!!
    hethu vadulu please teach them …. people are getting carried away with subjects which have no scientific proof …..

  2. srikanth says:

    It is true, that there are some un answerable questions on planet earth. But, there is no proper evidence until now. with which we can say some unknown life is having. there is some documentation in history channle regarding this. Alien technology in INDIA. please follow in youtube as well ..


  3. Kumar says:

    Hello Sginifri,

    First teach your self with the science. who are you to tell to educate the people.
    the great scientist told that they were aliens. you stupid here we dont need hetuvadulu..

    you learn and sleep first.

  4. rahul says:

    adi “owl” ra pichhi naa kodakallara……

  5. raj says:

    I think it is all false and it seems like a graphical representation. The boy made a graphical video and showing as he has captured an alien in his garden through mobile.

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