Sahasam Movie Review – Rating : 3.25/5

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Star Cast: Gopichand, Tapasee, Ali…
Director: Chandrasekhar Yeleti
Producer: B V N S Prasad
Genre: Action – Romance
Music: Shri
Released on: July 12, 2013.
Rating: 3.25/5

Sahasam Review: A Successful Adventure

          Movie makers follow a set format and trend and dish out routine movies regularly in the name of formula. Directors like Chandrashekar Yeleti break that monotony by offering new kind of movies. Chandrashekar Yeleti set a new trend in Telugu movie industry with his Aithe. His debut movie became a learning guide for small film makers and opened gates for a slew of small movies in Tollywood. Chandrashekar Yeleti continued his style of movie making with Anukokunda oka roju, Okkadunnadu and Prayanam. He has come up now with big budget Sahasam. Let’s find out whether Chadrashekar Yeleti followed his path of different style or changed his track to suit Gopichand’s style of commercial action entertainers.

          Gautam Varma (Gopichand) is a security guard, He never eyes other people’s money and property but never let loses at least a rupee of his. He dreams of becoming a crorepati and keeps buying lotteries. But luck never smiles at him. One day he stops a thieves gang from looting ATM. But sadly instead of getting promotion he is demoted as security guard at a dump yard. While Gautam is leading his life this way, he gets to know about his ancestors valuable property. He finds out these details in his home itself from a key, his grand father’s diary and property will. But that treasure is situated in Pakistan. Another dreaded gang is also after that treasure. Was Gautam able to reach the treasure in Pakistan, was he able to gain back that treasure, is the story.

          Sahasam is miles away from commercial movies. It’s a treasure hunt movie in the genre of adventure action. In Telugu only a few movies like Merupudadi, Kodamasimham, takkaridonga, came in this genre. Hollywood is famous for this type of movies, Indiana Jones series being the example. Chandrashekar Yeleti has done a daring feat by selecting this type of story. Hero’s journey in search of treasure appears like a well crafted puzzle. Director has succeeded in maintain suspense all through the movie. Selecting a different backdrop and location has helped in taking movie in a new way. Movie gets into pace after second half. Though slow narration irks at times, pace picks up by climax and engrosses viewers.

          Action image is the main asset of Gopichand as hero. Banking on his action image, director tried variety in the movie. Gopichand effortlessly got into security guard’s role. He is really good in action and emotional scenes. Bubbly beauty Tapsee appears as Srinidhi, a devote girl. Tapsee has not much scope in the movie. As it’s not a love story of hero and heroine, that’s understandable. Director has not given much importance to romance and songs. In fact that has helped the movie in maintaining flow and tempo.

Major part of the movie is based in Pakistan. All those scenes are shot in Ladakh. There are some inconsistencies in the movie. If Gautam’s grandfather is a diamond trader why Gautam’s father does not know anything about? If there is such a valuable treasure in Pak, why Pak Govt is not interested in it? Also some scenes appear as to be written on the spot. Ali’s character should have been used better. Entertainment is missing in the movie. Right from the beginning movie runs seriously. Shakti Kapoor has done well as villain but don’t know how many will recognise him.

          Technically Sahasam is excellent. Cinematography, re-recording, action, visual effects are mind blowing. Technical crew deserves praises. In spite of all these merits, we get the feeling that something is missing in movie. It takes some time for viewers to sink into the story. Viewers tend to get glued to the screen spellbound by the brilliance, rather than getting involved in the movie. Barring these minor glitches, Sahasam is a well attempted adventure worth watching. Chandrashekar Yeleti once again gave relief for Telugu audience who are fed up with routine flicks, dished out in the name of commercial entertainers.

          *** The ratings and analysis of the above reviews do not reflect the opinion of the audience. It is merely the reviewer’s perception and has no connection with the box office collections whatsoever.

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